Power Restoration

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How GP&L Restores Power

When outages occur, our top priority is restoring electric service to all customers. Be assured that GP&L is working as quickly and safely as possible to get your power back on.


 GP&L follows standard utility industry practice for outage restoration:

outage restoration

  1. After crews assess the affected areas, repairs are made to equipment that brings electricity back on for the largest groups of customers. This includes repairing feeders that serve hundreds of customers and lateral lines that serve entire neighborhoods. If trees have fallen on these lines, tree crews are brought in to remove the vegetation before GP&L crews can begin rebuilding the line.
  2. Next, smaller groups of customers are brought online. An example of this is a cluster of homes served by the same transformer.
  3. Finally, service lines to individual homes are repaired.

Always report your power outage to GP&L. Call 972-205-3000, or text OUT to 972-205-4000.

We need to know the location of every home without power! Even if your neighbor has reported their power outage, their home may be on a different circuit than yours, or there may be damage to your home’s individual service line.