How GP&L Prepares for Outages

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Trucks croppedWe know reliable electric service is important to our customers, and we make every effort to prevent power outages. However, events beyond our control, such as extreme weather conditions, can sometimes cause outages.

Here are some of the ways GP&L prepares for events that may cause outages:

  • GP&L has a troubleshooter on duty at all hours, ready to respond to power outage calls. A standby crew is also available around the clock and can be called in as needed.
  • When overnight storms or severe weather are forecasted, GP&L has additional crews on standby.
  • When significant outages do occur, GP&L calls in all crews, along with contractor crews when necessary.
  • As a member of the Texas Public Power Association, GP&L can call on other public utilities for assistance in case of widespread outages. GP&L also has mutual aid agreements with other local municipalities.