Outage Center

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Report a GP&L Power Outage 24/7:

Call 972-205-3000
New! Text OUT to 972-205-4000 -- Learn more.


GP&L Power Outage MapNew outage map

See GP&L’s current power outages. For the security of our customers, outages affecting small numbers of customers are not visible on the map.

How does GP&L’s automated phone system record my outage?

The automated system will ask for your account number, or the phone or driver’s license number associated with your account. When the account is identified, a service order will be automatically initiated within GP&L’s outage management system. This process is the quickest way to notify GP&L of a power outage.

Stay safe during outages!

Storms may bring down trees and power lines. Stay safe and stay away from any downed poles or power lines. If you see a downed pole or power line, call the police (911) and GP&L (972-205-3000) immediately. Learn more about electric safety.

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