GP&L Updates Regarding COVID-19:

-Various City facilities, including the Duckworth Utility Services Building are closed. In-person payments can be made at the Utility Payment Drive-Thru (717 W. State St.) from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Other utility payment options are also available.

-The City of Garland is working with customers during these difficult times, and will not disconnect electric or water service for late or lack of utility bill payment. Be aware that scammers are especially active at this time. Learn about utility billing scams and COVID-related scams.

-Social distancing keeps customers and GP&L employees safe.

-Find more coronavirus (COVID-19) updates on the City of Garland home page. 

Green Choice

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Green Choice is GP&L's 100% renewable energy plan.

Spinning Spur ThumbnailGP&L Customers can support a clean environment by selecting this option, which provides energy from Texas wind and solar resources. 

Green Choice only costs a penny more per kWh than GP&L's regular rate. For a customer using an average of 1300 kWh per month, this option will cost an additional $13 per month. A minimum 12-month commitment is required. 

Enroll by completing the form below or calling 972-205-2671.

Enroll in GP&L Green Choice

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If you wish to cancel your Green Choice selection after the initial 12-month period, email or call 972-205-2671.
  • Green Choice FAQs

    • Who can sign up for Green Choice?

    • How do I sign up for Green Choice?

    • How much does Green Choice cost?

    • Where does the power for Green Choice come from?

    • If I select Green Choice, does it mean that the electricity that comes to my home or business is wind and solar energy?

    • I want to be “green.” Should I select Green Choice or a rooftop solar installation?

    • If I am on the Green Choice plan for 12 months, do I need to sign up for it again when the 12 months is up?

    • How do I cancel Green Choice?

    • Why does Green Choice cost more than GP&L's standard rate?