Update or Confirm Your Account Phone Number

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When outages occur, your phone number is the key to helping us serve you better.

When you call GP&L’s Emergency Outage number, 972-205-3000, the easiest way to report a power outage is by using your phone number. We can use it to identify your service address to note the outage and initiate service restoration.

Cell phone numbers are especially helpful.

Please take the time to confirm or update the phone numbers associated with your service address. If only a landline number has been given, please also provide a cell phone number.

• The easiest way to confirm or update your phone numbers is through Online Account Management.

• You can also e-mail the phone numbers to custserv@gpltexas.org. Make sure you provide the account number to which the phone numbers apply.

• You may also call Customer Service at 972-205-2671. Please have your account number ready to reference.