Commercial Rates

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commercialGP&L is committed to providing reliable and competitively priced electric service to our customers.

General Service – Small (GS-S)

Your total monthly bill is equal to the sum of:

  • Monthly Customer Charge
  • Applicable Energy Charge multiplied by the number of kilowatt hours used
  • Recovery Adjustment Factor multiplied by the number of kilowatt hours used
GS-S Charges
Customer Charge (monthly)
Energy Charge

First 2,000 kWh used

$0.0602 per kWh

Each kWh above 2,000 kWh

$0.0549 per kWh
Recovery Adjustment Factor*
Green Choice (Green Rate Rider)**  $0.0100

*Recovery Adjustment Factor: Each electric customer utility billing shall contain a Recovery Adjustment Factor, expressed as a charge per kWh, which will allow for the recovery of the electric system’s total revenue requirements not recovered by the Customer Charge and Energy Charge, while maintaining a competitive market position. The Managing Director of the Electric Department shall determine and approve a Recovery Adjustment Factor each month.

**Green Choice (Green Rate Rider): Customer must enroll for a minimum of 12 months.

Demand limitations:

  • When the customer’s monthly usage exceeds 7,300 kWh for two consecutive months, and if measured demand exceeds 20 kW thereafter, the customer shall have the option to change to GS-L rate for a minimum of one year.
  • When the customer’s monthly measured demand exceeds 30 kW for two consecutive months, the customer shall be transferred to the GS-L (Code 314) rate for a minimum of one year.

General Service – Large (GS-L)

Your monthly rate has two components:

Demand Charge
Summer (May 1 - Oct 31)
Winter (nov 1 - April 30)
First 200 kW, per kW
All over 200 kW, per kW
Energy Charge
Summer (May 1 - Oct 31)
Winter (nov 1 - april 30)
0–60,000 kWh, per kWh
All over 60,000 kWh, per kWh
Green Choice (Green Rate Rider)** $0.0100  $0.0100 

 **Green Choice (Green Rate Rider): Customer must enroll for a minimum of 12 months.

Billing demand: The demand shall be the kW supplied during the 15-minute period of maximum use during the current month, as determined by utility’s demand meter, but not less than 70 percent of the maximum kW similarly determined during the previous billing months of May, June, July, August, September or October in the 12 months ending with the current month, nor less than 20 kW.

Power factor: Pursuant to the City’s obligation to comply with ERCOT Protocol 3.15.2 (including any subsequent ERCOT power factor requirements), customers that have meters capable of interval demand readings shall comply with the requirements specified in this clause.  Sufficient static reactive power capability shall be installed by the customer to maintain the required ERCOT lagging power factor for the maximum net active power measured for customer’s facilities at the customer point of delivery.  If the City is subject to regulatory fines or penalties as a result of customer’s failure to meet the requirements specified in this clause, the City will charge customer for such fine or penalty and customer shall be responsible for compensating the City for the amount of the fine or penalty.  The City may make such changes to its system to mitigate the effects of customer’s non-compliance with requirements specified in this clause at the customer’s expense for the proportional cost of such changes.  In addition, for customers that fail to meet the requirements specified in this clause, billed demand shall be adjusted by the following formula:

Adjusted billed demand  =   Metered demand for the month x ERCOT lagging power factor 
Measured power factor for the month